About Us

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About the School

Tlhabane West Primary school is an extended family that embraces the children, the staff and the parents, providing everyone with a sense of belonging. The warmth of all who work here makes for a nurturing and supportive environment, and one eminently conducive to learning and growing.

We believe education is a broad concept and should never be restricted to the curriculum or the classroom. We never forget that our children are human beings with a range of physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We have been entrusted with their development- it is a responsibility we all take very seriously.

We have a compliment of 29 academic staff, of which 4 are male. The presence of male staff has important benefits both in the classroom and for our sports programme. The staff is an unusual and interesting mix of long service and youthful innovation. The "longevity" of the more established members brings with it a sense of continuity for our scholars, and this is balanced by the vibrancy of new blood and new ideas.